Stacking Acrylic End Tables in Black

These contemporary acrylic nesting tables are perfect for when you need a set of tables that can be easily stored to save space, but still look fantastic.

The largest table is the perfect size for use as a coffee table, while the smaller tables work as end tables, or even a stool in a pinch when you need the extra furniture for seating. They are made of 100% acrylic, with a shiny black finish. Made from one solid piece of acrylic they are easy to clean and have a nice smooth surface with curved edges for a finished look. Learn more about these stacking acrylic tables below:

Black Stacking Acrylic Tables

Acrylic Dining Chairs in Transparent Red

These adorable red acrylic chairs remind me of my childhood, I can’t quite place it, but some kind of candy I used to love when I was younger. Kind of like a giant Jolly Rancher!

The acrylic is molded in a fabulous transparent red that will add sizzle to any dining room. Since they are stackable you could also use them on the patio or stack them in a corner for when company visits.  These acrylic dining chairs come fully assembled and include floor protectors.

Click the link below to learn more about this set of red acrylic dining chairs:

Lino Red Acrylic Dining Chairs

Clear Acrylic Desk

Let’s talk about this fabulous acrylic desk by designer Aaron R. Thomas! As much as I love the thin acrylic furniture I feature on here, I love the thickness of this desk. It reminds me of a slab of ice, like it belongs in an igloo, brrrr, but totally cool.

The desk is made from a single ribbon of clear acrylic with two bends. Something you don’t see often in acrylic furniture is a drawer! How handy – of course you won’t want it to become a traditional junk drawer, so find some beautiful storage containers for your office clutter and make the drawer a work of art worthy of this beautiful desk!

Learn more about this Aaron Thomas acrylic desk at the link below:

Aaron Thomas Acrylic Desk

La Marie Acrylic Chairs

I love the colors the La Marie Chair is available in, I can imagine having one of each around a dining table for a rainbow of acrylic happiness!

The transparent acrylic makes the La Marie look like it weighs nothing, but don’t let looks deceive you! This acrylic chair is a solid piece of furniture that will take all the wear and tear your family can provide! The acrylic is suitable for indoors or out, and there is a color that will make anyone feel cheery as soon as you walk in the room.

La Marie Acrylic Colored Chairs

Acrylic End Table in Black

After seeing this table I have to rethink my entire patio furniture. How adorable would this be outside? Adorable I tell you.

This contemporary acrylic end table can double as a stool. If you use it in your living room you’ll notice the legs are designed to double as magazine storage racks and footrests! Convenient!

I see this little end table with some cute little stainless steel pots with herbs planted inside, or a nice red vase. However you decide to use it you’ll definitely add spice to your design. The Alec end table is 100% acrylic, easy to clean, and super chic!

Learn more about the Alec acrylic end table at the link below:

Alec Acrylic End Table

Acrylic Table with Glass Top

Okay, in case you haven’t noticed there are two things I love in furniture. One is acrylic – duh! The other is classic French design.

The King George Table brings both of my loves together (even if he was English) with thick clear acrylic legs holding a 1/2″ glass insert.

If Marie Antoinette was still alive, this table would definitely be gracing a room in her mansion. It’s big enough to use as a dining room table or a fabulous executive desk. Even if you don’t work in the corporate world this acrylic table will make you feel like a professional.

Learn more about the King George acrylic table at the link below:

King Goerge Acrylic Table